What does it mean to be a "Third Way" church? It means we don't all agree about everything, and that's OK. It doesn't mean beliefs are unimportant or that we avoid talking about differences. It means there's room to explore and change our minds. We welcome questions, wonder, and discovery.

What, then, is the center of a faith community, if not agreement on doctrine? This is something New Heart has been exploring together for about 3 years.

On the first and third Thursday evenings, join us for an informal backyard discussion. Sometimes we have a discussion theme, but the default theme seems to be "questions you didn't think you were allowed to ask in church."

You're welcome to bring your questions and a snack or beverage to share. 

First and third Thursdays, 7:30 pm. If you're not yet a member of New Heart's Facebook group, contact Susan Cameron (susanf.cameron@gmail.com) or Pastor Laura (laurawalton727@gmail.com) for the location.