Together, and with the Spirit of God, we usher in and enact God’s Kingdom in our hearts, in our community, and in the world.



We disillusioned, we hopeful, we traditional, we liberal, we marginalized, we privileged, we single, we married, we disenfranchised, we unwanted, we traumatized, we family: we build a community in the name of Jesus—of trust, of courage, of respect, of humility, of vulnerability, of peace, of compassion. We are learning together the meaning of the word Love.



The Spirit of God, continually renewing us, tells a story in each life—of feelings and fears, of hopes and hungers, of restlessness, of resilience, of wonder, of coming home. In each season of spiritual wandering and spiritual growth, we open ourselves to the Spirit’s story, seeking always to follow the Way of Jesus, in search of the face of the Father.



We seek justice, the depths of shalom. We see structures and systems in place that harm God’s people, God’s earth; we stand with and amplify the voices of the marginalized, and we work for their liberation: LGBTQ+ people; Indigenous people, Black people, people of color; women; the so-called stranger among us, our neighbor; poor people; mentally and physically disabled people; those dying, those sick, those incarcerated, those vulnerable, those shamed, those Jesus. We stand with you. We seek justice with you—and with justice, peace.



We Body of Christ receive and have become the vessels of thousands of years of tradition—which is dynamic, and broken, and holy, and it shines a light ahead of us. Our holy Scriptures, our rabbis and priests and pastors, our apostles and prophets, our schisms and denominations, our debates, our anxieties, our sins against the world, our faith, our hope, our love: all this is ours, a tradition to accept, lament, confess, celebrate, embrace, for from within this tradition we bring God’s Kingdom always to the earth. May we continually deepen our understanding of our heritage as we shape our tradition faithfully, beautifully, in the Way of Jesus.